About Us

Ultimate Football is a revolutionary small sided football league provider. Established by a talented team with years of experience in the football industry, Ultimate Football offers an unrivalled sport experience for all participants. Stand out features of our leagues include;

•Top quality all weather pitches
•Professional match photography
•Weekly selected match reports
•Quality footballs and equipment
•FA qualified referees
•FA affiliated

Our aim is to provide UK communities with affordable access to professionaly run small sided football leagues, which offer more than just a game of football. Our leagues are great fun, extremely well organised and they offer participants the opportunity to compete regardless of ability, thanks to our carefully managed divisional system. Our professional match photography catches the action from a different angle and combined with published match reports, it completes what is an unparalleled football experience. With plans to develop leagues across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, we are striving to make 5-a-side, 6-a-side and 7-a-side league formats available in a town near you.

We are committed to raising community participation in football and advocate the health benefits that come with it. Playing football on a regular basis can boost cardiovascular fitness, aid fat loss and reduce blood pressure. It can also help to increase endurance, promote agility and develop physical coordination, as well as building muscle strength. Furthermore, as a team game, it is an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people.

Ultimate Football thrives on a culture of continuous improvement and we actively seek feedback from our stakeholders, helping us to maintain the highest level of service feasible in the small sided industry. Our organisational aim, professionalism and passion for football, has earned us a reputation that we and the communties we operate within, are proud of.